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What Can Green Tea Do For You?


  1. Support brain health

  2. Help support burn fat

  3. Provides antioxidants

  4. Help with teeth health

  5. Support blood circulation health

  6. Help support heart health

  7. Help support skin health

Originally used medicinally in ancient China, green tea has been around for millennia, and it doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon.


A healthier substitute for heavily caffeinated black teas or coffee, green tea has many health benefits. Perhaps most notably is its use a weight loss system. It is said that anyone who drinks 5 cups of green tea a day may help increase their metabolism.


It's the polyphenol in green tea that increases fat oxidation, but replacing sugary drinks with this light diuretic may be a factor, as well. By increasing water intake and urine flow, it naturally cleanses your system as you enjoy its herbal flavors.


Green tea also promotes cardiovascular health.


The chemical Catechin in green tea has shown to be an antioxidant and eliminating free radicals in your system.


Disclaimer: The above article for the information purpose only and we don't suggest directly or indirectly that you should take Green Tea for any specific health benefit. As per FDA Guidelines, we don't claim that green tea can be used for treating, curing or helping any type of health challenges.



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