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Brand Ambassador

Did you notice that Activa Naturals is a unique health & fitness vitamins brand?

Why? We are happy that you asked us that question...

At Activa Naturals Store, we offer a safe environment to our customers with the following benefits:

  • No hype for any of our products
  • Our philosophy is that our vitamins are formulated for only one goal i.e. provide right vitamins to different body functions through the synergistic combination of herbs, foods and natural minerals. Our recommendation is to take vitamins to keep body functions healthy and tuned rather than expecting any miracle.Unlike other brands, we never make any claim for any of our products.
  • No sales pressure and No Product Claims - customers can share their buying experience, packaging experience, shipping, customer support etc as we don't want to create any fake environment where customers are driven by product reviews.
  • All products are manufactured in the USA
  • Our products are manufactured using natural ingredients.
  • Most of our product information is based on providing you the right information rather than pushing you to buy a product.

If you love this unique concept, why not make money becoming a Brand Ambassador and start referring our products to everyone.

Brand Ambassador Requirements

You can promote us through your online media properties such as Blog, Social Media Channels, Video etc without making any claims.

If you are fully sold to our ethical and high integrity values, why not contact us through Healthy Lifestyle Support Desk and share how you want to promote us.

You can open a Support Ticket with Subject "Activa Naturals Brand Ambassador Application" and provide the following information for faster approval process:

  1. Your Name
  2. Your Email
  3. Your Social Media Channel URLs where you want to promote us
  4. Your Website or Blog URL if you want to promote us there
  5. Why you want to promote us
  6. Your USA Shipping Address to get a complimentary mushroom vitamin from us

Brand Ambassador Benefits

Once we agree to make you a Brand Ambassador, we will share with you the following:

  • Pick any 1 Mushroom Vitamin to experience product packaging, shipping etc as this provides you a product to take pictures, do videos and talk about it on your blog. You should be a resident of the USA as our products are not sold outside the USA. This is a complimentary product shipped by us to you.
  • You make 10% of all the sales driven by you. Please keep in mind our products are not sold outside the USA.
  • You can sign up here for the affiliate program managed by the independent party LeadDyno. This ensures that you start making money while promoting us.
  • We can also provide 2 more mushroom vitamins if you run a Social Media Contest and share the details with us ahead of time. We will ship those 2 mushroom vitamins to your winners as selected by you.
  • We are extremely flexible and love to work with our Brand Ambassadors as your success is our success. So share your winning ideas with us and let's start working together to implement those ideas.

Just Want to Promote Us?

If you are just Interested in making money while referring our brand to others and don't want to join our brand ambassador program, you can sign up for the affiliate program by clicking here at LeadDyno and start making money.

See you there,

Activa Naturals Team